Owain Phyfe at Scarborough Faire (April 2004)
By Nikki Rehman

I was traveling the dusty paths of Scarborough Faire as I was wont to do, when happy chance led me within earshot of Mr. Phyfe. I found myself quite unable to walk further as long as he was willing to entertain me with his bardic tales. I was enamored of his voice and his talent, as he sang Italian love songs, Mexican ballads, a sad Ukranian song about a gypsy that moved me to tears despite my inability to understand a word of Ukranian, along with plenty of Irish and Old English folk songs.

I asked which CD I should buy that would most reflect what I had been enjoying listening to him sing, and he suggested "Where Beauty Moves and Wit Delights," which another fan who happened to be standing nearby enthusiastically endorsed. I bought the CD and have been listening to it every day in my car. I'm hoping to get back to Scarborough Faire before he leaves just so I can see him again and buy another CD or two! After reading other fan letters and reviews, little did I know how lucky I was to have him practically all to myself that day!

I'm so glad I happened upon Mr. Phyfe at the faire, and am eagerly looking forward to crossing paths with him again.

A new fan,
Nikki Rehman