Owain Phyfe with Blackmore's Night (September 2004)
By Beth Blevins

Had the pleasure to see Mr. Owain Phyfe open for Blackmore’s Night 9/14/04 at the Birchmere theater in Alexandria, VA. Owain was a real delight to listen to, a fantastic voice and a sense of humor that had everyone smiling. Owain’s performance was the perfect way to start the evening and I hope to see him again someday.

By the way. Mr. Phyfe, I am a descendent of that favorite King of yours, Edward I “Longshanks”, glad no one knew for I may have been spat upon! You never know who is in the crowd listening.

Thanks for the music and a great evening,


By Janice Zimmer

We just got back from the show at the Whitaker Center in Harrisburg. Tremendous show. Owain voice still gives me chills.

Too bad he only played for half hour. We did get the last of his CD's we needed to complete our full set.

Ritchie Blackmore was excellent - as was Candice Night.

The onstage banter was fun!

If you can make it - highly recommend going!


Blackmore's Night
Live in 2002