Owain Phyfe at Arizona Renaissance Festival (March 2004)
By Dodie Marie Rothlisberger

I have been a member since this past faire (March 2004), but I have not written of my experience there. Now I would like to relate it to the members of this site and to Owain.

On our second trip to the Arizona Renaissance Festival this past year, we were invited to attend Owain Phyfe's performance. Unable to attend at that time, we were graced by a performance in one of the isles. Owain sang to us in Italian (as requested) though I know not which song it was. I, dressed in my new italian dress felt truly honored to have heard his voice that day. I knew on our third visit to the faire this past year that I must see him perform. I was truly inchanted and mesmorized by his songs of love, no matter what lauguage they might be. I remember the queen coming to sit beside me, singing along with Owain and then dancing off to attend to her duties.

I have been attending the faire since 1999 and do not remember a more memorable time than this. Since that time I have worn out the one CD I purchased. I love every song on it. "Where Beauty Moves & Wit Delights". Owain's voice has become a daily ritual for me.

I am unable to attend faire's in other states and envy those who are able to.

I look forward to February 2005, when we will see you perform again. My ladies and I will be there!

With Love,
Lady Elizabeth