Blackmore's Night w/Special Guest Owain Phyfe in LA (February 2005)
By (various)

"You have no idea what a pleasure it was to hear that Owain was to be opening for Blackmore's Night on Feb 5, 2005! I rushed out to buy tickets for my daughter (19yrs) and myself as soon as I heard this. She and I have been listening to Owain and the NWRB for many years, in the form of "Where Beauty Moves and Wit Delights." I believe I first heard his music on public radio and I was immediately struck with a need to purchase the casette.

The evening started out by explaining to those in line that we were there for the opening act. A friend had mentioned to me that Ritchie Blackmore was w/Deep Purple and they were surprised to hear that he was now involved with this genre of music. We immediately headed over to the vendors and met Lady Paula; it was such a pleasure to meet her! I ended up purchasing three CD's and am now listening to one as I write this commentary.

Needless to say, my daughter Brittany and I were in our zone when Owain came on stage and proceeded to sing familiar songs from the cd in our possession. We were a bit disappointed that the NWRB were in the "far off kingdom" of Texas. However, it did not diminish our delight in the live performance of our many favorite tunes from his "greatest hits of the 16th Century" repertoire! Owain was very comfortable on stage and seemed a natural for the venue - he was engaged with the audience and his comments received laughter and applause from this receptive group. The evening was made complete by meeting our favorite minstrel in the lobby as we left a bit early from the Blackmore's Night performance. Owain was most gracious (as was Lady Paula who was at his side) and apologetic for the absence of the NWRB. I suppose my daughter and I were both star-struck as we spoke with this lovely couple and gushed about his performance and our devotion to his multi-lingual approach to music that speaks to our soul. Thank you, Owain and may you continue to do what you love and for sharing your vision with us mere mortals; we get it."

Elizabeth Jimenez-Scaggs
Brittany Scaggs

"I saw him open up for Blackmore's night in San Francisco last week. It was the first time I ever heard him. I just loved him and now I am a devoted listener." -- Verna Wilson

"I have been a fan of Blackmore's Night for some time now, happening across their advirtisement in PanGaia, a Pagan magazine. Seeing that they were on tour in the Bay Area, instead of their usual European tour, I was extremely excited. I got there, that night, wondering how long it would take for this opening act, Owain Phyfe, to finish his set and get out of the way so that I can optimize my B.N. experience.

He came out, just him and a very worn guitar and I counted the minutes til he would be finished. Then, he sang. With each note of his worn out guitar, and every word from that beautiful voice, I was drawn into another world, another country, another time. More and more, with each song I was brought into so much I had not expected to feel. My emotions wroght with pain with those sad, sad songs. My heart jumping and those "clap-alongs". I was sitting there, feeling all these strange feelings I did not expect and loving every minute of it. And then it happened. He announced his last song.

Needless to say, the crowd felt the same as I, chanting "ONE MORE", "ONE MORE", "ONE MORE"..... He looked to the back for clarification from whomever was back there, management, or Blackmore's Night themselves, and unfortunatly we were denied that captivating music. I felt bad for the way I felt, wishing that there was no such thing as Blackmore's Night, and that this was HIS show... Well, I have to admit, that Blackmore's Night was incredible in their own right, but I still feel cheated for not being about to hear one more song, one more story. That was the best part.

Though I didn't have a whole lot of money with me, and a long drive and Toll Booths back to Fairfield from S.F.'s Independant, I purchased two CD's, and Owain was gracious enough to autograph them for me, though inside I wanted all he had to take back with me to my home and share with my friends and family.

So, I'll end it here. Thank you Owain Phyfe, thank you for that incredible experience. Thank you for that heartfelt music you made, and that amazing voice you have."

Draeden Wren of BlackThorne Grove, Fairfield, CA