"Nightwatch Recording Catalogue"
Owain Phyfe and the New World Renaissance Band
Live The Legend (NWR1001)
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1. Drive the cold winter away
2. Il prigioniero
3. Es warb ein schöner Jüngling
4. The English Dancing Master: Dissembling love
5. Belle qui tiens ma vie
6. Mignonne, allon voir si la roze
7. What then is love but mourning?
8. La sirena
9. The Bankis of Helicon
10. Pastyme with good companye
11. Fortune my foe
12. Depairt, depairt
13. Mon coeur se recommande
Where Beauty Moves and Wit Delights (NWR1002)
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1. Fuggi, fuggi, fuggi da questo cielo
2. In a garden so green
3. Helas madame
4. Daphne
5. Cantigas de Santa María: no 48
6. A la una y naci
7. Staines Morris
8. Douce dame jolie, pour Dieu
9. Canzonette, libro secondo: A lieta vita
10. Wee be soldiers three
11. Maid in Bedlam
12. The English Dancing Master: Goddesses "Quodling's delight"
13. Musicke of Sundrie Kindes, Part 1: Since first I saw your face
Sweet Was the Song (NWR1004)
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1. Peaceful Westerne Winde
2. Se l'aura shipa
3. Cessés mortels de soupirer
4. In te Domine speravi, per trovar pietà
5. Ma Belle Si Ton Ame
6. Joy to the person of my love
7. Never weather-beaten saile more willing bent to shore
8. Firste Booke of Songes: no 19, Awake, sweet love
9. Insprugk, ich muss dich lassen
10. Almain "Night Watch"
11. Firste Booke of Songes: no 5, Can she excuse my wrongs?
12. El maestro: Perdida tenyo la color
13. El maestro: To mi vida os ame
14. Firste Booke of Songes: no 6, Now, o now, I needs must part
15. Mille regretz
Odyssey (NWR1006)
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1. Non es meravilla s'eu chan
2. Oy comamos y bebamos
3. She moved through the fair
4. Everything is joyful in spring
5. Chi passa per 'sta strada
6. Bassa Dance
7. La prima vez
8. Dum estas inchoatur
9. Tourdion
10. Greensleeves
11. Cantigas (7) de amigo: Quantas sabedes amar amigo

Poets, Bards, & Singers of Song (NWR1008)
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1. Intro (0:17)
2. Ja Nus Hons Pris (4:29), Richard the Lion Heart, 12C
3. Fa La La Lan (3:26), Anon, 15C
4. Worldes Blis (2:05), Anon. 13C England
5. El Rey De Francia (6:28), Trad. Sephardic
6. L'Amora Dona Ch'io Te Porto (2:37), Anon. 16C Italy
7. O Che Diletto (3:20), G. Gastoldi, 16C Italy
8. My Fate (3:45), A. Cowley, W. King, 17C Englad
9. Pucelete (1:52), Anon., 13C France
10. Una Matika (4:47), Trad. Sephardic, Bosnia
11. Mes Pas Semez (3:38), A. Le Roy, 16C France
12. Alle, Psallite Cum Luya (1:21), Anon 13C France
13. A Health to the Company (5:23), Trad. Irish

Tales from the Vineyard (NWR1009)
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1. Calenda Maia Raimbaut de Vaqueiras, 12th Century Provencal (2:13)
2. Heart's Ease anonymous, 16th Century English (3:46)
3. ...Traditional Ukranian (5:13)
4. Tarantella del Gargano, anonymous, Italian (Carpino dialect) 17th Century (5:55)
5. If I Were A Blackbird, Irish Traditional (5:39)
6. Bon Vin anonymous, 16th Century French (2:58)
7. Tres Hermanicas anonymous, 16th Century Ladino (4:22)
8. O Madame Pierre Certon, 1552, French (dance: Bransle de Poitou) (4:54)
9. Ddoi di Dai Traditional Welsh (3:14)
10. Tant Que Vivray Claudin de Sermisy, 16th Century French (3:50)

Once Upon a Time (NWR1003) by Cantiga
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1. Butterfly Jig
2. Pastorella
3. The night is past and gone
4. The King of the Fairies
5. Romanesca
6. Cantigas de Santa María: no 153, Quen quer que ten en desden
7. Laudate
8. The Rights of Man
9. The Princess Royal
10. Cantigas de Santa María: no 166, Como poden per sas culpas
11. The star of Munster
12. Kilcash
Magic Steps (NWR1007) by Cantiga
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1. Branle Des Chevaux
2. La Volta
3. Country Dances
4. Harlequin Hornpipe
5. Aran Boat Song
6. Ja Nuns Hons Pris
7. Branle De L'Official
8. Gånglot
9. Cantiga 100
10. Miss Judge's Jig
11. Tarantella
12. The Parting Glass
The Otter's Pool (CGA1001) by Cantiga
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1. Childgrove
2. The Otter's Pool
3. Reels
4. Kalenda Maya
5. Spooky Medley
6. The Queen's Alman
7. La Seste Estample Real
8. Lamento di Tristano
11. Branle Simple / Branle Double
12. Jigs
13. Cantiga 281
Stefano Pando
Lute Works (NWR1005) by Stefano Pando
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1. Galliard et Sauterelle
2. Robin
3. Pavane d'ell estarpe
4. Staines Morris
5. Ricercar no 12
6. The Wind that Shakes the Barley
7. A Toy
8. Me Lady Careys Dompe
9. Marche Anglaise
10. Elslein, liebstes Elslein
11. The Earl of Crawford
12. Earl of Oxford's March
13. Almande Nonnette
14. Robin Hood
15. Branle des Chevaux
16. Ricercar no 9
17. Pavane "Au revoir ma douce flame"
18. Galliard "Au retour"
19. Jouyssance vous donneray
20. Basse Dance sur Jouissance
21. Pavane "La sombre"
22. Paduana
23. Ricercar no 3
24. Passamezzo Antico
25. Tombeau
26. Wascha mesa
27. Jaymeray mieu dormir
28. Pass e Mezzo
29. Tourdion