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Arbor Consort:The Arbor Consort (until 1998 known as Our Lady's Madrigal Singers) is a semi-professional a cappella vocal ensemble formed in 1982 to sing music of the Renaissance (15th through 17th centuries). We perform in colorful historic costumes of the period. (MIRF performers)
Bocca Musica™ started as an a capella Renaissance quintet in 1997 by Coco McLeod. Appeared in three tracks on Owain Phyfe's album Poets, Bards, & Singers of Song (MIRF performers). The group has transformed into a bawdy, musical-comedy act over the years.
Cantiga: these Nightwatch Recording artists are the instrumental section of the New World Renaissance band. Led by Houston Opera violinist Max Dyer, Cantiga represents the perfect blend of classical and folk traditions.
Heather Dale: is a modern Celtic singer-songwriter and instrumental performer from Toronto, Canada. Her music reflects a fascination with the stories of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, particularly the ancient legends of King Arthur.
Roland Ferrandi: plays chitarra batente, lute, Corsican and medieval cittern, renaissance guitar, and many other wonderful instruments of yore.
Gipsy Kings: from the gypsy community in Arles and Montpelier in the south of France. Owain Phyfe has jammed with them and personally recommends their recordings.
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