The New World Renaissance Band

 1. Non Es Meravelha S'eu Chan (0:59)
 2. Oy Comamos Y Bebamos (3:08)
 3. She Moved Through The Fair/Once I Had A Sweetheart (7:50)
 4. Minden Állat Örül Az Tavasznak (3:56)
 5. Chi Passa Per 'Sta Strada (3:27)
 6. Bassa Dance (3:39)
 7. La Prima Vez (3:10)
 8. Dum Estas Inchoatur (7:53)
 9. Tourdion (6:24)  
10. Greensleeves (3:34)  
11. Quantas Sabedes Amar Amigo (5:44)


Track: 1  

Title: Non Es Meravelha S'eu Chan

12th Century
Bernart de Ventadorn

Non es meravelha s'eu chan
melhs de nul autre chantador,
que plus me tra.l cors vas amor  
e melhs sui faihz a so coman.
Cor e cors e saber e sen
e fors' e poder i ai mes.
Si.m tira vas amor lo fres
que vas autra part no m'aten.

English translation:

It's no marvel that I sing,
all other singers to surpass,
for my heart is more deeply drawn to love
and I'm more suited to her way.
Heart and body, knowledge and sense,
strength and will, have I there placed.
And these reins draw me so much to love,
that I wait on no other thought.

Track: 2  

Title: Oy Comamos Y Bebamos

Juan Del Encina
Spanish 15th Century

Oy comamos Y bebamos
y cantemos y holguemos
que mañana ayunaramos.

Por onrra de sant Antruejo
paremonos oy bien anchos,
enbutamos estos panchos,
rrecalquemos el pellejo,
que costrumbr'es de concejo
que todos oy nos hartemos,
que mañana ayunaremos.

Tomemos oy gasajado,
que manana viene la muerte,
bebamos, comamos huerte,
vamanos para el ganado,
no perderemos bocado,
que comiendo nos iremos,
que mañana ayunaremos.

English translation:

Let us eat and drink today.
Let us sing and enjoy life,
for tomorrow we fast.

In honor of this day of Carnival,
let us do ourselves proud,
and stuff our stomachs,
and stretch the skin.
Such custom is good advice,
that we should fill ourselves today,
for tomorrow we fast.

Let us enjoy ourselves today,
for tomorrow is like death.
Let us eat and drink everything
as we head for our flocks.
We won't lose even a mouthful.
we'll eat on the way,
for tomorrow we fast.

Track: 3  

Title: She Moved Through The Fair/Once I Had A Sweetheart


The lyrics for these two songs, appearing to be more recent in
creation than the melodies, were probably added after one of the many
infamous potato famines.

My young love said to me, "My mother won't mind,
and my father won't slight you for your lack of kind."
She came close beside me and this she did say,
"It will not be long, love, 'til our wedding day."

She stepped away from me and she moved through the Faire,
and fondly I watched her move here and move there.
She traveled so slowly with one star awake,
like the swan in the evening moves over the lake.

Last night she came to me.  My young love came in.
So softly she entered her feet made no din.
She came close beside me and this she did say,
"It will not be long, love, 'til our wedding day."


Once I had A sweetheart, but now I have none.
She's gone and leave me to sorrow and moan.

Last night in sweet slumber I dreamed I did see,
my own precious jewel sat smiling by me.

And when I awakened I found it not so.
My eyes like some fountain the tears overflow.

I've traveled through England, through France, and through Spain.
All my life I will travel the watery main.

Track: 4  

Title: Minden Állat Örül Az Tavasznak

16th Century

Minden állat örül az tavasznak,
Vigan várja nyílását rózsáknak,
Hajtja magát sok szép madár szónak,
Keleti lész az szép leányoknak.

Minden, látom, o társával sétál,
Nincs oly fene, ki szelíddé nem vál,
Míg egymástól nem választja halál,
Vagy irigység reájok nem talál.

Minden hegy, völgy, mezo is zengedez,
Fulemule nyelvével örvendez,
Látom, még a fa is csak levelez,
Az ifjakban szerelem gerjedez.

De én szegény, árván tengo fejem,
Víg örömet nem remél en szívem,
Az szép tavasz mi haszon ennekem,
Ha távul van az, ki szeret engem.

Vajha tudnád az én bánatimot,
Érted való sóhajtozásimot,
Éjjel, nappal suru siralmimot,  
Tudom, szánnád én árva voltomot.

English translation:

All creatures love spring.
All await merrily the opening of the roses.
All listen to the sweet song of the birds
while each beautiful maiden arouses desire.

I watch partners walk with one another.
All ugliness turns fair.
Only death can separate lovers,
only greed can trouble them.

The mountains and valleys ring
with the nightingale's song.
I watch the trees begin to sprout
while Love blossoms in young hearts.

But alas, for me, pitifully alone,
there is no joy in my heart.
The Spring means nothing to me
for the one I love is far away.

If only you would know my sorrow,
my sighs for you,
my tears night and day,
perhaps then you would pity me.

Track: 5  

Title: Chi Passa Per 'Sta Strada

Fillippo Azzaiolo
Italian 16th Century

Chi passa per 'sta strada e non sospira
beato s'e
Beato'e chi lo chi lo puote fare
per la reale
Affacciati mo se non ch'io moro mo
Affacciati che tu mi dai la vita
meschino me
Se'l cielo non ti possa consolare
per la reale
Affacciati mo se non ch'io moro mo
Compar Vassillo che'sta a luoco suo
beato se
Salutami no poco la comare
per la reale
Affacciati mo se non ch'io moro mo

English translation:

He who passes down this street without
sighing is one who is blessed,
Blessed is he who can well do it
on this royal way.
Show yourself at the window lest I die right now.
Show yourself at the window, for you are
the source of my life,  Poor me,
May the sky be your comfort
on this royal way,
Show yourself at the window lest I die right now.  
Godfather Vassillo remains at his place,
blessed is he.
Greet the Godmother for me
on this royal way.
Show yourself at the window lest I die right now.

Track: 6

Title: Bassa Dance


Track: 7  

Title: La Prima Vez


La prima vez que te vidi
de tus ojos me enamori.
De aquel momento te ami,
Fina la tomba te amare.

Acercate me querida,
salvadora de me vida.
Descubrite y hablame
secretos de la tu vida.

English translation:

The first time I saw you
I fell in love with your eyes.
From that moment I loved you,
and I shall love you to the grave.

Come closer, my dearest,
savior of my life.
Reveal yourself and tell me
your life's secrets.

Track: 8  

Title: Dum Estas Inchoatur

(lyrics): Ms. of Benedictbeuern  13th Century Latin
(melody): anonymous 14th Century Italian Lauda

Dum estas inchoatur
ameno tempore,
Phebusque dominatur
depulso frigore,

Unius in amore
puelle vulneror
multimodo dolore,
per quem et atteror.

Ut mei misereatur,
ut me recipiat,
et declinatur ad me,
et ita desinat.

English translation:

While summer began,
bringing the prime season,
while Phoebus on high
pushed back the cold,

Love for one young maiden
left me its wound
and great anguish
to endure.

If only she would end my misery,
and embrace my love.
If only she would condescend
and give me rest.

Track: 9  

Title: Tourdion

16th Century

Quand Je Bois du vin claret,
Amis, tout tourne, tourne, tourne, tourne,
Aussi desormais je bois Anjou ou Arbois.
Chantons et buvons,
a ce flacon faisons la guerre,
chantons et buvons,
mes amis, buvons donc.

English translation:

When I'm drinking red wine,
my friends, everything spins,
just like now, when I'm drinking rose.
Singing and drinking,
we shall attack the bottle.
We shall sing and drink,
my friends, drink and sing.

Track: 10  

Title: Greensleeves

Alas, my love you do me wrong
to cast me off discourteously
for I have loved you so long
delighting in your company.

I have been ready at your hand
to grant whatever you would crave
and I have waged both life and land
your love and good will for to have.   

Greensleeves was all my joy
Greensleeves was my delight
Greensleeves was my heart of gold
and who but my lady Greensleeves.

Thou couldst desire no earthly thing
but still thou hast it readily
thy music for to play and sing
and yet thou would not love me.

I would my love entreat you still
that thou my constancy may see
for I remain thy lover true
come once again and love me.

Track: 11  

Title: Quantas Sabedes Amar Amigo

Martin Codex
12th Century Spanish

Quantas sabedes amar amigo,
treides comig'a lo mar de vigo:

E bañar nos emos nas ondas!

Quantas sabedes amare amado,
treides comig'a lo mar levado:

E bañar nos emos nas ondas!

Treides comig'a lo mar de vigo
e veeremo'lo meu amigo:

E bañar nos emos nas ondas!

Treides comig'a lo mar levado
e veeremo'lo meu amado:

E bañar nos emos nas ondas!

English translation:

All those who count themselves friends of love
come with me to Vigo's sea;

and (there) we will bathe ourselves in the ocean waves.

All those who have known love,
join me where the sea makes way;

and (there) we will bathe ourselves in the ocean waves.

Come with me to Vigo's sea,
and (there) we shall see my friend;

and (there) we will bathe ourselves in the ocean waves.

Come with me to where the sea makes way,
and (there) we shall see my lover;

and (there) we will bathe ourselves in the ocean waves.


Recorded 1995 at Heights Sound Studio, Houston, Texas

Recording Engineer: Karl Caillouet

Mixed at San Jacinto College recording studio by Ray Dillard and Max

Assisting Engineer: Fred Shetz

Assembly and Pre-Mastering: Doug Robertson

Produced by Max Dyer

Mastering: Ed Wolfrum, Audio Graphics, Royal Oak, MI

Cover Painting: The Riders of the Sidhe, 1911, John Duncan,
                The Dundee Art Museum, Dundee, Scotland

Package Design: Owain Phyfe and Susan Wolfrum

Special Thanks To: Glenn Schultz, Rio and Friends, Ellen Horr, Al Marks,
Joe Pando, Fred Shetz, and James Scoggan

How did I get here?"  I wondered as I surveyed the tapestry clad walls
of the candle-lit chamber where I found myself.  Music, laughter, and
discourse in language unknown rang through the stone passage from the
Great Hall, indicating the remnants of a feast.  The distant smell of
smoke and horses from the dark outside my window mingled in proximity
with the scent of lavender, wine and vanilla.  I was not alone.  There
you were.  I saw the soft white of your chemise and the outline of
your smile.

... And then, like a fool, I chanced to open my eyes.  The odyssey was
over.  The scene vanished from before me.  I smiled to myself
realizing that: it was the song that had transported me there.