Verily, thy keeps are belongeth to us
"Gather Round Ye Speakers"
30th Kent State Folk Festival

live and uncut with intro, recorded February 15th, 1997 (41:00)

  • concert in mono
  • concert in stereo

    Concert tracks include many favorites: "Drive the Cold Winter Away", "La Prima Vez", "Bedlam", and "Fuggi Fuggi Fuggi" (the "Fa la la la" song).

    Bloomington Early Music Festival (BLEMF) 2002

    Yes there is an audio archive of the Sasha Raykov and Owain Phyfe jam session! at the Bloomington Early Music Festival (BLEMF) 2002.
    Listen here with RealPlayer
    The Playlist includes

  • Sephardic song: A la una yo naci (4:35)
  • Lament by Richard the Lionheart (5:05)
  • Latin Song "Winter is coming" (3:24)

    The Mists of Avalon

    Hear the best of Owain Phyfe and the New World Renaissance Band on the Mists of Avalon radio show with host Walt Haake. RealAudio archives are now available too. However, you can still listen to the program live on WDVR-FM every Sunday morning from 11:00AM to 1:00PM EDT. Note: you must have a recent version of Windows Media Player to hear the live broadcast.